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We are here

To reinvent everyday accessories consciously so that wearing conscious transcends from a trend to being a lifestyle.



We are real, raw, and authentic – transparent in our originality. We don’t beat around the bush. “No nonsense, only honesty.” Always driven, always moving forward, never hesitating, We strive to inspire and ignite the passion in you. Each gemstone has a story of its own, we know that you’re writing your own, And we’re here to be a part of your story. Because we aren’t just making accessories, But bringing the change.


At our core, we understand that sustainability is a continuous journey, necessitating unwavering dedication. Presently, our endeavors are focused on three fundamental pillars of sustainability: humanity, the environment, and our products.

Our foremost priority is the well-being of people, and we approach this with the utmost mindfulness. For every product purchased, we pledge to plant a tree, contributing to the rejuvenation of our precious planet. Crafted with consciousness, our jewelry is meticulously crafted from recycled metals and responsibly sourced gemstones, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices. Furthermore, our packaging is thoughtfully designed to be minimalistic yet entirely compostable, reducing our ecological footprint.

Join us in our mission to foster sustainable living, as we take purposeful strides towards a brighter, greener future for all.

Our Vision

To create the most creative, sustainable, and affordable personal accessories.

Our Mission

To reinvent everyday accessories consciously.

Our Core Values

We create with PASSION


We speak with TRANSPARENCY

We lead with EQUALITY


"Sunil Kumar Chauhan's dreams extend far beyond material success. While many aspire to accumulate wealth, he dreams of planting a billion trees".

Family is where it all starts for House of Seven. A loving family of seven. He believes to have inherited creativity from his father and managerial skills from his mother. His parents nurtured spirituality in him since childhood. That’s how he imagined the vision of HOS.

After obtaining secondary school certificate, he pursued and attained Diploma in Computer Engineering. In 2013, he found his true calling in the field of arts and crafts and so enrolled himself in Bachelors of Design for Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories in National Institute of Fashion Technology, Raebareli.

At the institute, he got exposure to artists, their artwork, mediums, movements and subcultures from across the globe that widened his perspective towards the subject. He carried out his graduation project in a natural gemstone jewelry manufacturing company in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India – the hub of gemstone cutting and sourcing in the world.

After completing his graduation project, he was offered to work as a lead designer in the same company. During his 5 years of industry experience, he travelled across many Asian & European countries to explore their lifestyles and the way global designers design jewelry. He believes that every consumer deserves to know the right value of a gemstone and the manner in which it is fashioned and brought to the market followed by him becoming Graduate Gemologist at Gemological Institute of America in 2022.

Entering the 7th year in the jewelry industry, he found the need to create something that would become a lifestyle. Arising from his love for creativity and his desire for sustainability, he decided to use his creative skills and imagination to create something close to his heart, Personal Accessories!

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